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    The mind boggles All day long, our radio channels are filled with onesided, promotional pieces, in a bid to convince Irish parents that they must, as a matter of urgency get their 12 year old sons and daughters vaccinated against the sexually transmitted HPV virus.

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    The same mantra has taken centre stage in our printed media and this will continue over the next four weeks. Meanwhile the world is on red alert, at the start of a potential health crises of epic proportions, now taking stronghold human papillomavirus vaccine manufacturer Europe and threatening to collapse our already overstretched hospitals.

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    This is a huge worry for us parents of girls left with compromised immune systems, heart problems, seizures and many other chronic health complications. The advice we are given by our health authorities, is that this new virus can have serious outcomes for those with compromised immune systems.

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    So what reassurances can they give us parents of the hundreds of girls affected adversely by the HPV vaccine, many now left with compromised immune systems? Does the HSE think it wise to now ramp up the PR campaign and to progress next month with giving a large proportion of Irelands 12 year olds the HPV vaccine, which over stimulates the immune systems of the recipients?

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    This, in light of the recognised increased risk for immuno compromised, when exposed to the novel Corona virus. Will the HSE be liable for any serious adverse consequences for those being HPV vaccinated, in the midst of what increasingly now looks like a pandemic?

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