Benign cancer mole

Benign cancer mole, Dermoscopy


    They are generally benign, but some of them can transform into melanoma — the most advanced form of cancer of all known types, causing metastases in all organs.

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    What Causes A Mole? The most frequent mole occurrence causes are: Intensive sun and sunburn exposure; Genetic predisposition; Skin aggressions mechanical, physical, chemical.

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    Even if benign cancer mole do not apparently feature any changes, it is recommended to benign cancer mole the doctor once a year for a computer-aided demoscopy. Here is how you can recognize a mole that needs to be examined by the dermatologist: it changes appearance; it has an asymmetric shape; it has an irregular contour; it has a non-uniform colour; you start feeling the mole, it causes discomfort; you notice certain evolutions of the mole, which occur gradually: they change size, colour, the nevi become sensitive or start bleeding.

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    • How to recognise if a mole is normal or suspicious Skin cancer benign vs malignant Skin Cancer: Basal, Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Melanoma, Actinic Keratosis Nursing NCLEX cancer pancreas marker The head and neck malignant tumor pa­tho­logy skin cancer benign mole be addressed by multiple medical specialists: maxil­lo­fa­cial surgeons, dermatologists and plastic sur­geons.
    • Benign cancer mole. Dermatoscopy
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    These features may not arise simultaneously, but the presence of any abnormalities of the ones listed above raises a suspicion of malignant transformation melanoma. You should have moles removed in the following situations: In the case of a cancer potential suspicion, the patient noticing changes in the shape, size or colour; If the dermatologist, following a dermascope examination, appreciates that there is a malignancy transformation potential.

    For all mole-related concerns, it is advisable to contact the dermatologist and keep them under observation. What Type of Investigations Are Available?

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    Dermoscopy A microscopic investigation that increases, takes a snapshot and then stores benign tumour images. Mole Mapping The microscopic examination and digital monitoring of moles mole mappinghelping the dermatologist to examine patients, identify the moles that require further investigation, takes pictures of them using a high accuracy camera, and then maps them.

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    A state-of-the-art video-dermatoscope allows for the microscopic study benign cancer mole the moles. The benign cancer mole of this technique is that moles can be re-examined after a preset period of time.

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    If there are malignant transformation suspicions with regards to the nevus, the excision removal of the mole is recommended. Nevi excision is surgically performed, through the following methods: excision the incision and removal of the masssometimes with suture electrocautery excision an instrument is used to burn the mass. If the appearance of a mole raises reasons of concern or in the case of sudden changes, a visit to the dermatologist is absolutely mandatory!

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    The most aggressive type of cancer can be prevented with a simple visit to the dermatologist!